PHP VOMS-Admin (PVA) is a web-based service to control VO membership parameters written in PHP.

PVA project starts from implementing the same functions as traditional JAVA-based VOMS-Admin (v.2.0.18) interface for Apache Tomcat. PVA designed to be more flexible and stable, provide easy scalability and minimize resource usage.

Instead of using different instances of VOMS-Admin for each VO, PVA executes the same code minimizing memory and CPU usage many times.

In further PVA development a new functions have been implemented. Major highlights are interface enhancements, database transaction handling and multi-master replication.

PVA is a fully compatible with vomsd backend, and use the same MySQL database as JAVA-based VOMS-Admin with the same ACL rules for easy migration.

PVA development held by Andrii Salnikov at Parallel Computing Lab of Information and Computer Centre of Kyiv National Taras Schevchenko University, so you can find the latest production version in-work as many ukrainian grid-segment VO's VOMS-admin server here: