Changelog legend: f - new feature, e - enchancement, b - bugfix, c - change

version 0.6.7
 e - signing certificate trust chain (.lsc) added to VO configuration info
 b - adding dash to allowed VO name symbols in rewrite rules for Apache
 e - support for external database server in pva-addvo
 e - Apache 2.4 configuration changes (bug #2973)
 e - spec file changes to respect Fedora/EPEL version by Mattias (basic SELinux support)
 e - spacing has been slightly changed on VOs list pages
 e - changing 'ls' to 'find' in the post-install script
 f - lang files custom packaging-independent overlay
 b - ACL for child groups return wrong value for group/role records
 f - VO groups listing mode at title page

version 0.6.5
 f - invoke pva-dbschema-update for all VOs served in package post-install
 f - VOMSRegistration SOAP interface implementation added
 f - updator flavors (to distinguish SOAP and web intreface in transactions log)
 c - dynamic SQL tables creation removed from PHP code
 f - introduce database schema version control in PHP code
 f - pva-dbschema-update script and man page added
 f - VOMSAttributes SOAP interface implementation added
 b - fixed SQL syntax in checkRoleUniqAttr
 b - fixed transactions log for add/delete group attributes operations
 e - client WSDL (compatibility) from server WSDL (handle overload) separation
 f - SOAP overloaded parameters handler implemented
 e - processing of methods with optional parameters in POST SOAP requests
 b - incorrect handling of NULL role in getVOContainerMembers function
 c - VOMSCompatibility2 SOAP changed to utilize common VOMSSOAP class
 f - VOMSACL SOAP interface implementation added
 f - VOMSAdmin SOAP interface implementation added
 b - group management from web-interface was not rely on per-group ACLs
 b - fixing getGroups and getRoles LIMIT usage
 c - ACL management functions moved to acl.php
 b - lastresort permissions was not applied in getGroupsPermissions
 f - ability to disable new members registration added to VO preferences
 b - dissmiss role link did not work in role info interface
 b - VO user drop-down list in new ACL form was limited to items_per_page
 b - id2uuid was not called on new ACL creation

version 0.6
 f - manual pages for addvo.conf and pva-config
 b - checking empty uuid array fix
 e - serach input now contains applied search filter value
 b - admin CA did not shown in transaction log for createAdmin function
 b - propagate ACL failed when chain already have same permissions value
 b - failed to add new ACL for role in group container
 b - createAdmin transaction ROLLBACK when returning admin ID
 b - deleteACL wrorng operation
 b - fixed default ACLs usage in access enforcement
 e - per-group ACL handling for container assignment in user details
 e - per-group ACL handling for role management in role details
 e - per-group ACL handling for attribute management in role details
 b - createGroup id2uuid fix
 c - take notice description now shown on write permissions only
 b - preferences menu was shown under requests ACL control
 e - separate untrusted CA problem from general user addition problems
 b - subscription detailed view apply/reject message under ACL control
 e - already confirmed registration confirmation message
 b - decline own VO membership request did not work
 e - pva-addvo check to run under root account
 e - URL regex allow upercase letters now
 f - manual page for pva-addvo
 e - README.Fedora mentioned voms-server package
 f - Russian translation is courtesy of Denis Patrikeev
 e - build time system PHPMailer now handled in miscmail.php
 b - RPC result validation even if curl does not report error code
 b - misspell in clearPendingRequests function 
 b - group add SQL misspells
 b - transaction rollback on fail cancel error recording too
 b - change type to text for msg_params in log sybsystem database schema

version 0.6 rc2
 e - improved text vertical alignment for ACL table headers
 f - transaction log viewer with function description handling support
 f - Log subsystem to handle deferred operation errors
 f - PHP-SOAP implementation of VOMSCompatibility added to distribution
 b - VOMSCompatibility SOAP fixes
 c - rewrite set of functions to work with id2uuid mapping
 f - autoincrement primary keys handling via id2uuid mapping
 b - getAdminId and getCAId redesign to separate and handle "insert into" part

version 0.6 rc1
 b - duplication of unique t_stamp transaction table key on too fast update
 b - minor syntax fixes on Fedora14 + PHP 5.3.3
 e - inactive agreement handling
 e - changing addvo due to MySQL<5.1.6 does not support dots in database name
 f - vomses and nordu(mk)gridmap configuration sections show replicants now
 e - ability to delete replication agreement
 f - new ACL rights pointed to control preferences access
 f - replication sync interval is now tunable from interface
 e - replicant CA for cURL connections
 e - transactions tables automatic creation
 c - index divided to interfaces for code manageability improvement
 e - regexes, langs, css and other minor improvements
 f - transactions syncing using RPC via php-curl
 f - replication preferences interface: agreement confirmation process
 b - PHP invoke SQL bug with pass-by-reference variables
 f - get/set all VO database SQL functions and corresponding RPC interface
 f - enable/disable transactions log via Preferences web UI menu
 e - all VO configuration changes handled via transactions
 c - VO configuration now stored in database (db override file settings) 
 e - rewrite rules changed to operate with VOMSAdmin and RPC
 f - found VOMSAdmin interface in Java VOMS-Admin used by AMGA (method listMembers)
 c - preferences interface now have options categories
 f - get last transaction and transaction diff RPC functions
 f - PVA RPC interface rpc.php 
 c - per-function instances of BEGIN TRANSACTION removed due to common invoke
 f - transaction logging in new SQL tables
 f - invoke fucntion that change database in transactions binder
 b - several SQL functions check only last operation result
 b - wrong messages for deleteRole and deleteGroup

version 0.5
 f - files for debian package creation added to distribution
 e - Checking vomsd and certificates directory existence in pva-addvo
 e - Last instances of deprecated ereg() have been removed
 b - Role assignment was not properly handled by the interface
 b - getGroupCapabilityRole did not handle dot in VO name
 b - ACL validation fix to properly check Role attribute
 b - CNfromDN function and RegExs now handle 'host/' in DN correctly
 b - chown on addvo vomsd config generation (bug #1970)
 b - forgot to remove VO serving KNU-related string (bug #1969)
 b - .htaccess removed from packaging process (bug #1968)
 e - source config file before checking all variables (bug #1967)
 b - use variables instead of hardcoded pathes and change it during packaging (bug #1966)
 b - filter duplicate CA in addvo (bug #1965)
 f - pva.spec added to distribution
 f - pva.conf for Apache httpd added to distribution
 e - addvo now also can use external config file (primaraly for packaging)
 e - removed getGroupName() providing the same feature as getGroupById()
 b - incorect calculations in function getAllUserAttributesCount()
 c - format and increase number of coments in source code
 b - syntax error when adding attribute for user (in version 0.3)

version 0.4
 c - License changed to Apache2
 c - in example configuration URLs ?vo=' changed to '/' due to rewrites
 f - dissmiss own VO membership feature
 c - css minor fixes
 b - forgot label, when printing VO preferences in read-only way
 b - PVA VO config file with wrong permissions caused PHP warning
 e - when no VOs served - print message instead of print nothing
 f - different handling HTTP (link to HTTPS) and HTTPS without certificate (unauthenticated)
 b - nginx rewrite rules in documentation fixed to handle VO name with dots
 e - changes in sql.php to deal with not valid results due to bugged database
 b - syntax bug when entering wrong password for mysql in addvo script
 b - addVOAttr incorectly print "Unique constraint mismatch" message on attribute adding
 f - ARC [vo] block example added to "Configuration" menu
 e - CSS padding fix for long DN output
 e - algotitm of getting CN from DN has changed to deal with complex multi-CN DNs
 b - wrong SERVER_PORT handling in generating request confirmation URLs
 b - mysql_real_escape_string in request confirmation

version 0.3
 c - some syntax reformating in PVA code
 b - MySQL warning while searching users with role, and no members has role
 f - rewrite rules for apache included into distribution
 b - VOMSCompatibility Content-Type fixed to text/xml
 b - SERVER_PORT incorrectly used when generating "Example mkgridmap configuration"
 f - addvo script now generate PVA and VOMSD configs, work with "request new VO" format and became more user-friendly
 b - PHP warnings on mysql_connct to unexistent VO and opendir on misspelled pathes
 e - "request new VO" form now have "VO default CA" default value equal to admin's CA
 c - links to VO homepages now open in new window
 c - regular expressions are now in separate file modules/regex.php

version 0.2
 c - some IE6 hacks in CSS
 c - logo format changed to gif for proper color representation in IE
 c - %s/registerarea/submitform/g
 c - regexs are bring out to variables
 f - ability to save "contact admin" and "request new VO" e-mails in dedicated directory ($mail_filecopies_path global var)
 b - permission checking failed on nonexistent VO
 f - kcaptcha ( used for unauthenticated users SPAM prevention
 f - global operation -- Contact VOMS admin
 f - global opeartion -- Request VOMS resources for new VO
 e - ability to show VO description on title page ($vo_description vomses var)
 e - ability to show link to VO web site ($vo_mainpage vomses var)
 c - lang-files independent version value (use %s in lang and version variable now)
 f - ability to list external VOs on title page ( file conf/vomses/external )
 b - PHP Warning on not a valid MySQL result in CheckMembership() function

version 0.1
 Initial version. All JAVA-based VOMS-Admin functions has been implemented, using the 
 same database schema for compatibility and easy migration.