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I would like to say "Happy New Year!" and anounce PHP VOMS Admin release 0.6.7 that introduce some interface enhancements and bug fixes.

The majour one - "VO Groups" view at the main "List VOs" page. VO Grouping main goal is structuring by operational means.
PVA is capable to serve a hundreeds VOs on a single server, so some grouping becomes necessary when number of VOs are grown.
You can see the feature in action on the reference instance at UA-KNU.

This release also introduce a lang-overlay option that allows to permanently customize PVA translation to persists on package update.

Full list of improvemts and fixes can be found in CHANGELOG as always. Unfortunately RESTful AC signing is not implemented yet:-( But PVA 0.7 is coming ;-)

This time I have managed to update PVA operations manual with the release, so all new features usage instructions are aleredy available :-)


PHP VOMS-Admin 0.6.5 is now available in the Fedora/EPEL repositories as the new upstream release.


Almost forgot to post the link to PHP VOMS-Admin per-VO replication configuration demo, that I had prepared for Nordugrid 2012 conference.


PHP VOMS-Admin 0.6.5 Operation Manual is now available.


Almost a year has passed since the PVA 0.6 release. Now I would like to introduce a new PHP VOMS-Admin update - version 0.6.5.

This release has the same functionality as 0.6 (thats why I did not tag it as 0.7) but adds all SOAP interfaces from Java VOMS-Admin 2.0.18.

Compared to Java VOMS-Admin 2.0.18, the newer version of 2.6 has added a new interface to handle operations with user account suspension and multiple certificates for the same user (VOMSCertificates). These features are not supported by PVA yet and therefore the interface was not implemented.

There is no update for "Operations manual" regarding PVA 0.6.5 yet, but I planned to write it in the nearest future, describing all WS finctions available via SOAP interfaces.

There are also bug fixes (see changelog for details) in 0.6.5 release and new option in VO preferences to disable new user registration requests.

Another change that affects PVA internals - database schema versioning. I have decided to bring in versioning to handle different databases in the future.

My future plans primarily directed to RESTful AC signing interface implementation, and when all VOMS clients will support this interface, I will be able to use own database schema, dropping compatibility with vomsd and Java VOMS-Admin.

Because it's time to write a text of my PhD I have no time to implement new feautures till autumn 2012. I hope I'll manage to release a new version by the end of 2012.


Key functions availability comparision in different VOMS-Admin solutions added to project web site. Functions of PVA 0.6, Java VOMS-Admin version 2.0.18 (reference version for PVA 0.1 implementation) and new release of Java VOMS-Admin version 2.6.1 are compared.

You are welcome to contact me directly if you consider a missing feature in the table. Feedback about comparision table, necessity for VOMSAdmin SOAP interface as well as PVA feedback in general are highly appreciated.


PHP VOMS-Admin version 0.6 is available in updates-testing for Fedora 14, 15 and EPEL 5, 6.


Last few weeks I spent deep inside final PVA 0.6 development and finally would like to introduce a new stable version!!!

Months passed since 0.5 release, but a lot of new features were implemented an tested as well. Multi-master replication is the major one along with related transactions handling and event logger.

Final testing was intensive and all operations are tested again and again, leading to many minor and not so minor bug fixes that are now listed in changelog :-) So I consider PVA 0.6 as the most stable version.

I am pleased to say that "PVA Operation manual" has been also finished and published. I hope that comprehensive manual availability will lead to more installations and people start using PVA and enjoy its operation. Additionally, man pages for pva-addvo and configuration files were included into distribution.

PVA 0.6 also introduces russian translation that is courtesy of Denis Patrikeev.

And even more wonderful news! Thanks to Mattias Ellert, PVA 0.5.1 can be installed from Fedora 14, Fedora 15, EPEL 5 and EPEL 6 updates-testing repositories directly using yum.


Unfortunately, PVA development was suspended for a few months :-(
Time pass quickly, and other things (like lecturing and clusters/grid deployment) get all my time holding the PVA 0.6 release.

Today I have spent some time on PVA and released version 0.5.1 on demand of Red Hat Bugzilla - Bug 603346 request.
The minor improvement covers adding pva-addvo manual page and README.Fedora to the distribution.

Good news: this week I will finish lecturing and I'm going to spend more time on PVA development.
I've planned to release PVA 0.6 this summer :-)


I am pleased to announce that almost all PVA 0.6 features are now complete. So now I would like to present RC2.

Conceptual problem of handling different autoincrement IDs in replication process was solved by implementation of special layer for ID to UUID translation. Event log and transaction log viewer implementations also led to modifications in code functions which change database information.
Error notification and CSS fixes have been finished too, as planned.

All those changes adds more code and more complexity to PVA, so I expect to find more bugs, because any mispelled variable will cause an error. Commonly used functions (adding/deleting users, groups and roles assignment, etc.) work fine, but I need to test any mostly unused functions before final release.

I planned to do such tests (and proceed with fixes) in parallel with last one 0.6 point - creation of the manual. While describing each function one by one I would test its operations.

As far as the changes affect only modify operations, get methods still have no impact, so I will upgrade the server to 0.6RC2 to force testing new functions in production environment as well.

P.S. I have implemented RSS feed for project news. You can subscribe to feed by clicking RSS icon at the top of this page.


In order to make available new PVA 0.6 features such as transaction handling and per-VO replication - first release candidate published.
New features were succesfully tested in production on several ukrainian VOs, but there are few things that I would like to finish prior to 0.6 release:
  • VO error log subsystem
  • error notification
  • transaction log viewer
  • handle different autoincrement ids in replication process
  • fix ACL table with rotated text representation in IE
  • more tests especially for multi-server replication
  • and the major one: I want to finally finish operation manual :-)
I planned to finish all this in December 2010, but have a lot of another top-priority tasks and have no time to complete PVA 0.6 in desired terms. For now I hope to complete version 0.6 at the begining of the next year.

I would very appreciate if you download and test 0.6RC1 and report any bugs or feature requests.
Best regards, and of course Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


PVA release 0.5 - first tagged release in SVN. The main feature of this release is support for RPM and DEB packaging and a valuable number of bugfixes.


PHP VOMS-Admin version 0.4 released. License changed to Apache2, so now PVA is freely redistributable. Due to agreement with the NorduGrid, the source code of PVA will be hosted on NorduGrid SVN.


PHP VOMS-Admin project development home page finally created and published. PVA version 0.3 released.


PHP VOMS-Admin version 0.2 released.


Initial stable version (0.1) of PVP VOMS-Admin released and become server VOMS backend.