Frequently asked questions

1. What is PVA?

PVA stands for "PHP VOMS-Admin" - web-based interface to control VO membership parameters written in PHP.

2. What is hardware requirements for PVA?

No special hardware required to run PVA. You just need a server with enough resources to run a web-server. Comparing to Java VOMS-Admin (that requires hundreds of megabytes for each VO) a few score of megabytes is required for PVA to serve all VOs on the server.

3. Is it any special software requirements to run PVA?

No. You need only web-server with PHP-support and same MySQL database as for Java VOMS-Admin.

4. Can PVA be used as a complete replacement of the original VOMS-Admin?

Yes! PVA can be used as complete replacement of Java VOMS-Admin 2.0.x with MySQL backend without affecting grid services (see comparision for details).

5. What benefits of using PVA instead of Java VOMS-Admin?

PVA is faster and does not require much resources (see perfomance). With PVA you can serve as many VOs as you want on a single server. PVA is more user-friendly to configure (single clear configuration file without complex hardly traceable config tools like Java VOMS-Admin installation). Several functions implemented in PVA, are not present in Java VOMS-Admin. Major highlights are interface enhancements, database transaction handling and multi-master replication on demand of VO administrator using web-interface only. And of course PVA is isolated solution, you does not need any other components either for installation or configuration.

6. Is PVA compatible with Java VOMS-Admin?

Yes! PVA is fully compatible with Java VOMS-Admin, uses the same database and provide all required functions. PVA additional features does not affect basic functionality.

7. Is it possible to migrate from Java VOMS-Admin to PVA without reisntalling the server?

Yes, it is very easy! You just need to run web-server with installed PVA and change configuration file to use the same VOs databases. When finished you can stop using Tomcat. All detailed instructions included in file NOTES found in distibution.

8. Is the PVA free?

Yes! PVA is distributed free of charge, and remain free forever. Since version 0.4 PVA distributed under Apache2 license and avaliable for free download and distribution.